Project Healthy Children

Take a look for loose change under your couch- as little as $0.26 fulfills a child’s nutritional needs for an entire year. 

In underdeveloped nations, children suffer from consequences of malnutrition that include intellectual disabilities and blindness.  Project Healthy Children (PHC) has a resolution: food fortification- the inclusion of nutrients in a diet. 

The necessary micronutrients are iron, folic acid, iron, vitamin A, and zinc in food. 

PHC strives to implement food fortification programs that reach even the most rural and remote areas in developing nations. 

In 2015, PHC accomplished to make food fortification standards a requirement in Malawi. 

In October of 2016, PHC delivered nutritious flour to 69,000 children in Kenya. 

Consider the two billion people around the world who undergo the hardship of going to sleep undernourished, and donate to PHC today. 


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